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AMS Trex™ Device Communicator

„ Commission and validate devices faster

„ Automatically synchronize field changes

with AMS Device Manager

„ Quickly fix issues in the field with advanced

device diagnostics

„ Configure and test valves inline

„ Improve efficiency with a modern,

intuitive user interface

„ Intrinsically safe; usable anywhere you need to go

With the Trex communicator, you can do more in the field than

ever before.


The AMS Trex Device Communicator expands the long

line of Emerson handheld devices while adding new

capabilities that adapt it to consumer expectations

for mobile device functionality.

Technicians armed with a Trex communicator won’t

waste time bringing devices back to the shop for analysis

or reconfiguration. AMS Trex is delivered with a complete,

pre-installed DD library for over 2,000 HART and FOUNDATION

Fieldbus devices so users can easily diagnose device problems

in the field. Simple issues can be addressed on the spot,

avoiding unnecessary, and potentially destructive,

invasive physical investigation of the problem.

Technicians need powerful and portable diagnostic tools so

they can identify and troubleshoot device issues to minimize

process upsets. With a Trex communicator in hand, you can

properly diagnose device issues in the field. With the right

handheld, maintenance teams will experience significant

savings in work hours and peace of mind knowing that

problems will be fixed quickly and properly the first time.

Once changes are made in the field, AMS Trex will automatically

synchronize the information with the AMS Device Manager

database via Wi-Fi or USB connection.

Rugged and Reliable

For a communicator to be useful in the field, it must be built

to last and ready for anything. The Trex communicator is

designed to withstand the harsh conditions in and around

manufacturing facilities. The rugged device is easy to hold,

yet designed to take the bumps and drops that come from

normal use in the plant. In addition, the Trex communicator

is protected against moisture and extreme temperatures,

allowing you to work regardless of environmental conditions.

The sturdy exterior is designed in accordance with Intrinsic

Safety standards to limit the buildup of static electrical energy.

Unlike consumer-grade mobile devices, the Trex communicator

will withstand the abuse of a harsh field environment.

Designed based on user feedback and with field use in mind,

the carrying case features an access window that allows you

to use the communicator and contains pockets large enough

to carry the charger, extra lead sets, or other tools you may

need in the field.