• 类别︰ 材料水份儀



Moisture meter with digital display for measuring moisture content in waste paper, pellets, wooden chips, etc.
- round sensor with sharp top Ø 10 mm x 420 mm
- material group adjustment via key pad
- adjusted material setting is always shown in the display
- calibration possible with the optional available test module PE50R
- calibration curves for different materials
- with aluminium bottom case part for a better protection against mechanical and electrostatical strength
In waste paper balls a hole must be drilled with an optional available snake drill
Optional PC-software for
- adjustment of measurement parameters
- generating of specific calibration curves, based on
comparing measurements
- transferring of measured values for visualisation and



Technical data:

measuring range: 0 - 100% (adjustable)
resolution: 0,1%
measuring depth: approx. 5 cm round the tip

measuring rate: 1 - 10 meas. / sec (adjustable)
attenuation: 0 - 99% (adjustable)
storage: 250 values
dimension: approx. 200 x 80 x 40 mm

dimension: approx. Ø 10 mm x 420 mm 
weight: approx. 430 g
interface: RS232 / DMI-Controller