Chauvin Arnoux CA 1110 Light Meter 0.01 fc, 0.1 lx to 200000lx, ±3 %

  • 类别︰ 便攜式IAQ儀器


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Chauvin Arnoux C.A 1110 Lightmeter

C.A 1110 light meter measures and logs light levels over a time. Ideal for use with a variety of light sources including LED and Fluorescent up to 200000 lux in compliance with Class C of the NF C 42-710 standard. With the MAP function, you can produce a map of a surface or room to check that the illuminance is uniform. Because it is magnetic, the sensor can be fixed to the product for one-handed use or for easy transport.

C.A 1110 also offers Min, Max, Average and Hold functions, and allowing spot or programmable recording. The Data Logger Transfer software is available for free download to view the recorded data, configure the C.A 1110, benefit from remote display and generate automatic reports.

Features and Benefits

• Spectral error compensation for LED or fluorescent sources

• MAP function for mapping the illuminance of a surface or room

• C.I.E. spectral correction and incidence correction

• Wide backlit display

• Remote probe limiting the risk of the operator shading the sensor or built-in probe for one-handed use

• Recording up to 1 million points

• Communicating via USB or Bluetooth

• Data Logger Transfer software with automatic report generation

• Measurement Range: 0.1 lx to 200000 lx (lux)

• Min, Max, Average, MAP and Hold functions

• Recording up to 1 million points

• USB or Bluetooth interfaces

• IP50 casing

• Casing dimensions: 150 x 72 x 32 mm / Sensor: 67 x 64 x 35 mm

• Weight: 345 g with batteries