Graywolf Zephyr III 微壓差計

  • 类别︰ 壓力錶/壓力變送器


Zephyr III Digital Micromanometer
Highly Accurate, Low L.O.Ds, Yet Wide Measurement Range

Each Zephyr III instrument incorporates dual auto-ranging DP sensors, auto-zeroing (for data-logging stability), as well as dual ‘K’-type thermocouple sockets for measuring differential pressure, static pressure and differential temperature. With a pitot tube, the Zephyr provides direct air velocity readings. Volumetric flow is calculated by simply entering the size of the duct and the instrument performs the necessary calculation. Zephyr IIIs can also be fitted with a telescoping air velocity probe (models AS-201 or AS-202) to measure temperature and exceptionally accurate hotwire airspeed and/or an RH-AS2 probe for accurate relative humidity and °C/°F.

The Zephyr III incorporates a number of enhancements over the Zephyr II meter that it replaces and which had been utilized by many 1000s of clients over the last 20+ years.

The Zephyr III is a stand-alone instrument with the ability to capture instantaneous snap-shot logs, or to trend log over time. Audio and text notes, among others, may be added to the data files via a built-in microphone and the virtual keyboard. Recorded data may be downloaded to WolfSense PC reporting and analysis software, which is included.