Graywolf Zephyr LDP 微壓差計

  • 类别︰ 壓力錶/壓力變送器


Zephyr-LDP Differential Pressure Module
Highly Accurate, Low L.O.D.s, Yet Wide Measurement Range

With the DP auto-ranging and auto-zeroing features, as well as the exceptionally low limits-of-detection, yet wide range of GrayWolf’s Zephyr III and AdvancedSense meters, this differential pressure sensing module connects to your laptop. Display and log DP, and optionally pitot airspeed, BP, %RH and °C/°F on your Windows computer with all of the extensive range of GrayWolf features available to you as well as simultaneous probes for a host of other measurement parameters (which are pressure compensated if you include the barometric pressure option). Use the Zephyr-LDP as a stand-alone high accuracy DP sensor for varied HVAC applications, or use it for IAQ pollutant pathway test and monitoring applications.

• Standard inputs
• Built-in, auto-zeroing DP module with broad (auto-ranging) range
• Optional probes/sensors
• Pitot static tubes
• Display and log calculated volume flow from hotwire probes or pitots
• Direct connect or handle connected %RH and °C/°F probe
• Barometric pressure for direct BP readings and for pressure compensation of relevant parameters (e.g. µg/m3 gas, specific humidity, etc.)
• Your connected Windows Computer, running the WSLAP app, provides:
• Display, measure and data-log 8+ parameters simultaneously
• On screen instructions, even videos, for easy operation
• Data port
• Allows logged data to be downloaded to included WolfSense PC data download and reporting software or to a spreadsheet for analysis
• Manual “Snap” or automatic “Trend” data-logging available
• Powered by the connected laptop
• Durable housing
• Impact resistant
• Easily handheld
     • Optional belt-clip available