PanelPilot LED Digital Panel Multi-Function Meter for Voltage, 46mm x 74mm

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Product Details

Panel Pilot Series - Multifunction Graphics Meters

The Panel Pilot Series range of colour TFT graphics meters allow you to program and display meter styles previously provided by a traditional panel meter. Available in both 2.4in (704-8138) and 2.8in (704-8131) and 3.5in (745-7793) sizes, both meters are programmable via USB interface with free configuration software provided with the unit. You can select the type of meter style you want from an initial choice of 6 (choices include 3.5 digit, bargraph, and analogue style options). You can then personalise the display by selecting preferences including colour, text and voltage input scaling. Once programming is complete, you can save all selections to the meter and computer, detach the unit and mount in their panel as they would any standard display.

•    320x240 pixel resolution TFT display with touch screen technology.
• Simple USB interface for setup for configuring and programming the meter.
• Customisable colours, labels, scaling and power-up 'splashscreen'.
•    Simple panel mounting with screw terminal connections.


Free Windows-based configuration software downloadable from the web- compatible with Windows XP, 2000, Vista and Windows 7 (32/64 bit)

2.4 in Display screen


Properties MeasuredVoltage
Display TypeLED
Cutout Height46
Cutout Width74mm
Minimum Temperature0°C
Maximum Temperature+40°C